We deliver worldwide.

The shipping costs are indicated by Teerana on the order form. Teerana commits to process the order within 10 to 15 working days following the day the campaign has ended. The delivery time indicated is the period stipulated for delivery and corresponds to the time used to print, process, prepare and ship the order.

We ship the T-shirts within 10 days of a campaign finishing and standard delivery should take  14 business days to any European country, and 30 business days to any other country If you selected "Pickup at event", we will send your T-shirt to the Seller so that you can pick it up at the event

We accept payment by Visa, Mastercard or AMEX. All our payments are secure and your details are encrypted with SSL.

We also accept PayPal.

You are not charged when you reserve a T-shirt. You are only charged if the campaign is successful.

When a campaign fails to reach its goal, you will not be charged and we will not print the T-shirts for that campaign.

Email [email protected]  and we will respond within 24 hours (but usually much sooner).

For any campaigns that have the “Verified Donation” badge, we will either transfer the profits straight to the charity which has been specified in the campaign by the seller OR we will get proof from the seller that they have donated the profit to the charity.



Teerana is a new WAY TO RAISE MONEY and awareness for projects, causes or just to raise revenue. Teerana makes it easy to create awesome custom T-shirts, sell them to your community, fanbase or followers with no costs, risks or hassle. We handle payment, printing and shipping and after deducting our costs give the profits back to the sellers. We can even design the T-shirt for you!

First, we think Teerana is a new way for organisations and individuals TO RAISE MONEY and awareness. There are no risks or upfront costs when using Teerana. As Teerana is a crowdsourcing form of fundraising, it actively encourages communities to promote it. Teerana offers large online communities, fan bases or blogs an alternative revenue stream. You can sell exclusive and limited edition high-quality T-shirts. Teerana campaigns generate awareness and publicity and are a great way to engage your community. It could even expand your donor pool.


Teerana is ideal for charities, causes, brands, artists, designers or bloggers to raise funds and create awareness. Teerana can be used for both nonprofit and for-profit campaigns.


To start a campaign, please register/login and then follow the simple steps after you register/login to submit the campaign details to us. It costs nothing to start a campaign.

You choose the duration of the Campaign and it can run for anything between 7 to 28 days. We think the ideal campaign length is around 21 days to keep buyers focused and excited.

The goal is set by you and it is the minimum number of shirts you must sell for them to be actually printed. The higher your goal, the more profit you will make on every shirt. You can keep selling even if you reach your goal until the end of the campaign. Please note that the minimum goal that you can set is 10.

Yes, absolutely! Sellers control the price of their own products however, we will give you a minimum price that you cannot go below as we need that to cover the price of the fulfillment (including our fees).

There are no costs for the seller whatsoever. Teerana takes the cost of production and a small fee from each sale and hands the rest of the profit back to the sellers.

Your pitch should motivate buyers. Give a brief outline of what the project, reason or cause is, why you’re running it and something interesting about the design. Feel free to add hyperlinks to relevant content or to add images.

Yes! It’s easy to update your description with campaign progress. Just login to the dashboard and you can edit the description of your campaigns from there.

Each campaign has integrated Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest buttons. If you think we should support other media,please let us know.

Yes, every Teerana campaign is assigned its own unique URL for you to share.



If you need your T-shirts for an event, you should time your campaign to end at least 20 days before your event starts. If you’re fundraising for an event, let the team know and we will help.

We only use high quality products. We use a variety of professional printing partners. We’ll use the partner that is best for your design. We only use high-quality screen printing.

Please EMAIL [email protected] with your request and we can help you with the process

Yes! The title and description can be in any language you want. For example, this successful campaign is in

You can change the selling price until someone has PURCHASED your product. Once you have made a sale, you can no longer change the price.


We request at least 3000x3000px PNG files with 300dpi.

We currently offer Unisex t-shirts, hoodies, women’s t-shirts, tank tops, long sleeve shirts, hemp shirts and IPHONE COVERS. We are also expanding our range of products and will provide updates as soon as they are available.

Yes. You can lower the goal (no lower than 10) but we will have to adjust your profit (lowering the goal results in a higher min cost).

Yes, you can lengthen a campaign. The total campaign length cannot be more than 28 days. However, you can always resubmit a campaign if you'd like.

You can end a campaign early but only if it does not go below 7 days. For example, if you run a campaign for 10 days, you can end it 3 days early at most.

We calculate and send the payout in Euro but in general, you will receive your payment in the currency that your bank account or PayPal is set up to handle. Please note that depending on the service you use, there will be exchange rate fluctuations.