How it works

What is Teerana?

Teerana allows you to create & sell custom apparel with ZERO Hassle, ZERO upfront costs, and ZERO risk.

Teerana is the best way to design and sell custom apparel online. You design a product and sell it. The sales money pays for the production of your design and we ship it to all of your buyers. When you use Teerana you don’t have to pay a dollar upfront, guess how many shirts you’ll need, or have to chase anyone down for cash.

It only takes a couple of minutes to launch a campaign and start selling awesome merchandise on Teerana .

It's as Easy as 1-2-3-4

1-Launch a campaign

Use our Online Designer to create your perfect item. You can upload your own design or work with our library of over 10,000 pieces of clip art and more than 50 fonts.

2-Set a sales goal

Decide the number of shirts you plan on selling. This is the minimum you need to sell for the shirts to be printed..

3-Add a brief title and description to explain your campaign

This is where you can describe the tee, link to your website, or explain your cause.

4-Reach your goal and the shirts get printed

You can continue to sell shirts past your goal until your campaign ends. Once it does, we handle printing & shipping and you get a check for the profit!